Sunday, November 7, 2010

I need to reboot

Oh, man, I've had it up to *HERE*.

Halloween came and sent me into a consistent candy binge, which pretty much wrecks everything else.

I'd still have a healthy diet - egg and spinach omelette breakfast, large salad for lunch, nut and fruit snack, fish and veggies for dinner, for instance. But then, I'd go and eat 5 mini snickers bars. >.< I wouldn't feel too full but it started cravings.

Now, a week later, I'm having a hard time not eating even though I'm quite full. I just have such an urge to munch, even though my belly is distended to the max.

So, I've got an issue. Why? I know I'm full, why do I eat?

I guess partly it's because I don't have much to do and am in the house often. Solution part 1: go for walks instead of eating.

Another thing is that my easy snacks, i.e. nuts, are highly calorific and tend to make me want to eat more. Solution part 2: find less calorific snacks, such as veggies and beverages like herbal tisanes.

The third item is that I'll see the bread my dad bought, tell myself not to eat it, and then eat something like more of those nuts instead, even if I'm not hungry. Solution part 3: have a small bit of bread. Better to give in to curiosity than to binge eat. Sometimes you just need to be away from thoughts of diet and just eat what you want to eat.

All else fails, I'm going to carry around a pack of gum. Maybe that'll help.

I also plan to throw in some fasting and protein shakes, just to help me get back on track. No food-waste guilt.

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